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What's Going On

Hillwood High School was built beginning in 1953 before undergoing ten additions that made it the structure it is today. Old, awkwardly laid out, and with a host of electrical and other issues, Hillwood is near the top of Metro Schools' priorities for being renovated or rebuilt.

The deep problems with the building would make renovation nearly as expensive as rebuilding--and ineffective at solving some of the issues.

As a result the School Board voted to rebuild the high school and do it at a location most convenient to its student population, just off I-40 in Bellevue.

The new state-of-the-art building will provide students throughout the Hillwood cluster - and those who live elsewhere but wish to take advantage of the high school - a safe, modern setting to learn and grow and prepare for the next stage in their lives.

Where It Stands

In 2017, the mayor and Metro Council allocated funds to purchase land being vacated by HopePark Church. In 2018, they allocated funds to do sitework. That work - the demolition of the church and preparation of the land for building - is complete and the site is now idle.

Mayor Cooper has proposed funding for the construction of this important project and it is awaiting Metro Council approval.

What's Being Built

Officials from Metro Nashville Public Schools shared plans for the new school with the community. Here's the video tour:

Why It's Important

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How You Can Help

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The School Board has requested funding for the construction of Hillwood High School. Please E-mail Mayor Cooper in just a couple clicks and ask him to fund construction of the high school for the benefit of our families and the entire Nashville community.

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